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*St. Mary's Lake Point > 2013
James Peak Wilderness, Colorado
Arapaho National Forest

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During this early morning, absolute bitter cold below zero combined with high wind presented challenges photographing. Using my tripod included holding it down so the wind would not blow it over. Crystalized snow brutally pelted my exposed body parts for the entire duration of the shoot. This made adjusting modes on the camera a difficult task. My fingers were numb and cold moments after I started shooting. I enjoy the look of winter landscape images, especially on the computer warm inside afterwards. I'm sure to let my camera and lenses gradually warm zipped inside their bag for more than an hour before removing. 

A Nikon D800 camera was used and all images were processed from RAW with Nikon NX2. I 
used the Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 Di VC lens and a tripod. A Promaster HGX Circular Polarizer was used to remove undesired reflections from the scene. See the St. Mary's Lake Area images here.
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Amazingly enough, there are two other photographers with my same name! They both have excellent work on their sites. While I am Rob Moody Photography & Digital Image, as well as the TAMRON Technical Sales Representative, my site is www.robmoodyphoto.com possibly leading to some confusion. Also, its possible that if you are looking for me, you could find them leading to confusion. If found me, but you were looking for one of the other Rob Moody photographers, please find their contact information below:

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